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Never Say Goodbye

March 12, 2012

Warning: This is about to get all up in my head & my thoughts.

Tonight I had to begin the long process of saying goodbye to everyone here in Oxford. My European adventure starts Wednesday and, while I could not be more excited, I must admit I am quite sad to be leaving this place so soon. Here’s a little peak into my thoughts on goodbyes, growing up, opportunities, and life in general.

Our entire lives we are raised to look forward to our twenties. The Golden Age. The time in our lives when we leave the nest and test how far we can fly before falling. Of course we all fall a few times here & there, but for the most part we rise to the challenge and succeed. What no one tells you is that while your twenties are full of these amazing new places and experiences and people–full of hellos–they are also full of goodbyes. I have been so blessed to have so many amazing and unforgettable opportunities and experiences in my 21 years thus far, but each new adventure means leaving another one behind.

You get into that awesome school and say goodbye to your high school friends, move out of your home town and say goodbye to your mom and sister for months at a time.

You get to school and make friends with the cool upperclassmen only to have them say goodbye because they are graduating and getting jobs and moving away.

You meet that super cute older boy and fall in love with him, but he has his own dreams and adventures and has to say goodbye so he can chase after them.

You go abroad to Paris and Oxford and all over and see incredible places with millions of new faces and somewhere in between you adopt a whole new way of life and become best friends with the people around you only to have to say goodbye when your term abroad ends.

And finally, after four incredible, irreplaceable, unforgettable years you graduate college and say goodbye to your campus and all of the amazing people who made those four years some of the best years of your life.

And now you’re considered a grown up.

In the past few years I have said goodbye to family and friends, new friends & old friends, best friend & boyfriend.

Tomorrow marks another difficult goodbye. I have fallen in love with Oxford and the people who live here with me. I am off on such an exciting adventure and could not be more thankful, but today is bittersweet. The hopes and dreams I’ve pictured for years are coming to life before my eyes, but while I’ve been out in the world making them come true I’ve conjured new hopes and dreams I never knew I had.

So today I dream that someday I will be able to say hello to all the people I have been so privileged to know and have had to say goodbye to.

Until then, I will miss you all dearly.

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