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The Oscar Goes To

February 27, 2012

Confession: All I wanted to do for the last few hours of my birthday was curl up on the couch with a bottle of wine, some french cheese & crackers, & watch the Oscars. My friends & I had a little get together and watched a lot of the coverage, but one by one everyone nodded off.

BUT–I am proud to say I somehow managed to stay up past four am to watch the final results of the Oscars and to catch the great acceptance speeches by Jean Dujardin & Meryl Streep. But we all know the best part of the evening takes place outside the awards ceremony –on the red carpet.

For me there was only one look that was completely spot. Gwyneth’s daring fashion choice with the addition of the stunning cape was quite the risk, but it definitely paid off. Her look is the perfect combination of Hollywood glamour meets modern sophistication. Her simple hair & makeup & sparkling, plus signature cusp compliment the dress perfectly.

Miss Gwyneth Paltrow

There were a few other looks that turned heads, but I’m still sticking to my original prediction: the past few years were better for the red carpet compared to 2012.

Octavia Spencer did clean up nicely. But the hair & dangling earrings combo combined with all the sequins is a little too much. There’s no denying it though, that dress is stunning & makes her look amaaazing.

Another ‘almost’: Milla Jovovich–the dress is spot on, but the heavy eyeliner and berry lip washes out her natural face.

Don’t forget the French: Although Bérénice Bejo was born in Argentina, she moved to France when she was only three and she looks like a native. She was the only other lady last night who took a fashion risk that really paid off. She managed to stay on the sequin trend while changing the game with a sea foam colored dress.

I can’t help but compare this look to my absolute favorite Oscar look of all time. Another stunning French woman:

Miss Marion Cotillard, 2008

I have yet to see a dress that trumps this look from 2008. Overall, the awards were glamorous–aren’t they always? But, I think we’ve seen better in the past. Am I being too critical or do you agree?

All images via glamour

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