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A Chilly Stroll to Trafalgar Square

February 21, 2012

After leaving the V&A we were off to check out the Covent Garden. Friends of mine had recommended it & so we were just passing through on our way to London’s infamous Trafalgar Square. I foolishly assumed that when I got off the underground at the Covent Garden station I would walk up 37 stairs and be surrounded by a beautiful garden full of blooming flowers (despite the fact that its February and freezing)

Had I done any homework I would have known that Covent Garden is a shopping area with a huge covered market. I must admit, although I like nice tress, I like fantastic markets better.

After taking it all in we set off for Trafalgar Square and The National Gallery. We took a few photos along the way.

Snog–fancy fro-yo

We couldn’t resist

Cloudy day in Trafalgar Square

Disclaimer: This is much more difficult than you would think. Unfortunately, I never made it up :/

But Liz did–lucky duck

Countdown to the London Olympics

The National Gallery

After getting a very warm lunch–mmm Thai Spicy Curry Soup– we strolled into this lovely museum and I was pleasantly surprised. The collection of paintings and the time span it covers is quite impressive. Perhaps it is just because I am an art nerd, but I actually fancy this museum over the V&A. My favorite of course was the Impressionist Wing. Unfortunately no photos are allowed to be taken inside but here are two of my favorite pieces kept inside this little treasure trove:

The Thames Below Westminster by Claude Monet 

Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh

If you are a fan of painting The National Gallery is definitely the place to be in London. I may just make a return trip in the near future ;)


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