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High Table

January 12, 2012

Last night I had the privilege of dining at high table. For those of you who are not fluent in Oxonian  high table is a table placed atop a platform in each individual college’s dining room. (There are 38 colleges total in Oxford University.) High table is generally reserved for fellows, but on special occasions associate students such as myself are invited to dine there. It’s a full out black tie affair complete with a four course meal consisting of red lentil soup paired with onion bread and white wine followed by chicken breast topped with aubergine and mozzarella cheese paired with wild rice, steamed kale & red wine followed by Swedish profiteroles and ending with a delightful selection of cheeses, wines, & port*.

Here’s an example of what high table looks like via

All of the Oxford students from Catholic University

Me & the Programme Director, Deepak

*For those of you wondering port is a sweet, yet strong, dessert red wine produced solely in Portugal. It is served with the cheese board and is used to make toasts. Last night we easily reached at least 100 toasts. Including a toast to me early in the evening! (Thanks Camille)

I apologize that there are no photos of our group at high table or of the wonderful food, but I do not think the British would find it appropriate for me to whip my camera out during such an occasion.


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