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I Will Survive

December 6, 2011

“You’d think I’d crumble. You’d think I’d lay down & die. Oh no, not I. I will survive. As long as I know how to love I know I will stay alive. I’ve got all my life to live. I’ve got all my love to give and I will survive.”

Lately my posts have been less & less frequent because of that six letter word we all dread: finals. I figured since they are detracting so much from my blogging I’d at least share my go-to finals strategy. It’s simple really. Before finals: Let yourself indulge in lots & lots of coffee. I just can’t focus as well without it and the great aura my local Starbucks gives off. Thank you baristas for helping me get A’s the past three years. During finals: Let yourself indulge with fancy, new pens that you know you like. Last year I had the pleasure of getting lucky pens from a fancy law office. This year I have my own office to steal pens from. Also, there’s always CVS if you’re against stealing. May I suggest: The Original Zebra Steel. After finals: Let yourself indulge in a BIG treat. Like a Butterfinger or another coffee. Or both candy & coffee combined in a peppermint white mocha. mmm. I’m a big fan of bribing myself. And surprisingly it works almost as well as it did when I was 5 years old. Moral of the story: indulgeFinals are super stressful & hectic and a big difference from everyday life. Take the time to make yourself comfortable & forget about calories & working out & saving pennies for a week and focus on what really really matters: your grades. It is why we go to college right? And for all of you terrible procrastinators out there (I’m among you) here is some fun stuff I am distracting myself with:

  • The beautiful birth story of Mr. Everett Stone, son of The Daybook’s Sydney.

  • This adorable little video featuring England’s favorite four year olds, Sophia Grace & Rosie:

  • This great acoustic version of Chances by Five for Fighting when I can’t stop thinking about everything other than schoolwork:

  • Finally, the infamous finals video courtesy of Dom Mazzetti:

Good luck everyone! This time next week I will be four finals down with one to go. Then it’s hello Pittsburgh, New York & finally Oxford.  

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  1. December 6, 2011 10:51 pm

    I am so glad those days are over for me. Good luck!

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