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Indulge Yourself

October 17, 2011

Although I am a firm believer in sticking to a budget and finding pieces for my wardrobe that don’t overextend my wallet, sometimes a girl just has to give in to her weaknesses and indulge. Remember, these purchases cannot be on a whim. Don’t buy the item the first time you see it, at least put it on hold for a night. If it is worth the money you will definitely make time to go back a get it. Also, make sure it is something you will use, preferably day-to-day. Here our some of the items I have been lusting after this season.

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Many are often skeptical in investing in a pair of sunglasses. However, the Ray-Ban is a classic that has been in style for generations. Besides, if you are like most women you cannot be seen on a sunny day without a classic pair of shades. 

Michael Kors Watch

 A watch shows sophistication and elegance as well as practicality. Perfect for at work, in class and much more. Definitely an upgrade from checking your cell phone for the time. 

Black Pumps 

This is a must for every woman out there. A black heel that makes you feel confident and a little sexy is perfect for work, dinner paired with jeans or a night out in your favorite cocktail dress. Black is the perfect neutral, showing off the leg without showing scuffs.


A handbag is another accessory needed for everyday life, so choose carefully. Make sure the bag is big enough to fit life’s essentials— college girls this means books too. Also, when choosing a handbag think of your wardrobe and attempt to match the color palette. If you tend to wear soft colors a neon bag is most likely not the best choice. However, a pop of color can be flattering to a neutral-based outfit. 


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